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In Memory of Dr. Rob Stevens

November 23, 1968 - December 11, 2017

During his lifetime, Dr. Rob Stevens helped save many lives, and through his legacy, we hope that he will save many more. Advocating for those suffering with mental illness, creating awareness and keeping the conversation going is a part of that.

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To foster an open and supportive dialogue about mental health, promote understanding, and provide resources to empower individuals and communities;

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued on their journey towards mental well-being.


To break down the barriers that contribute to the stigma that surrounds suicide and promote a world where mental health is prioritized and stigma is replaced with compassion;

Our vision is to spark meaningful conversations that dismantle societal taboos, fostering a global community that views mental health as an integral aspect of overall well-being and where empathy replaces judgment.


We strive to raise awareness about the pervasive stigma associated with suicide, encouraging conversations that challenge misconceptions and stereotypes.

In talking with one another, and opening lines of communication we can collectively work toward a community of mental wellness. Talk to each other, with your friends, with strangers. Talk to your kids. And kids, talk to your parents


Connecting people with organizationsthat help.

Engaging with organizations dedicated to removing the stigma of suicide and promoting mental health awareness is a powerful and compassionate way to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

By actively participating in such initiatives, individuals can foster an environment that encourages open conversations, empathy, and understanding surrounding mental health issues.


Dr. Rob helped save many lives;



The DOC ROB Fund was created in memory of Dr. Rob Stevens who died by suicide in December 2017. This fund will provide grants to organizations and programs in the District of Parry Sound that address mental health and wellness, suicide awareness and prevention, youth mental health, and mental health and wellness education.

Terry-Lynn Stevens created this fund in memory of Rob as a way to support the important work that local charities and community service organizations in Parry Sound are doing to support individuals who struggle with their mental health, create awareness and safe spaces to talk openly about mental health and provide access to the mental health services.

New Everyday

Remember, each new day offers a fresh opportunity to make positive choices and take steps toward a brighter future. You have the strength to navigate through tough times and embrace new possibilities.


Volunteering is the heartbeat of a compassionate community. When you give your time and energy to uplift others, you're not just making a difference; you're creating a ripple effect of positive change. Each act of kindness, every moment spent in service, weaves a tapestry of connection and support that strengthens the fabric of our community. Embrace the power you hold to transform lives, inspire hope, and build a brighter future for everyone. In the spirit of volunteerism, let's come together and paint the world with the colours of kindness and unity.

Charge Your Batteries

Take the time you need to recharge your batteries, for in that moment of self-care, you empower yourself to shine even brighter. Just like a device that comes to life after charging, you too will rise with renewed energy, ready to illuminate the world with your unique brilliance. Embrace your time for self-restoration, knowing that a fully charged you is unstoppable!

Mental Health Advocacy

Advocating for mental health is a courageous journey that transcends stigma and opens doors to understanding, empathy, and support. Just as we care for our physical well-being, our mental health deserves the same attention and compassion. By raising our voices, sharing our stories, and fostering a culture of acceptance, we break down barriers and create spaces for healing. Let us stand united, dispelling myths, promoting awareness, and embracing the truth that mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being. Together, we can inspire change, erase judgment, and build a world where mental health is prioritized, celebrated, and nurtured.

Be Kind

Kindness is a language that transcends barriers and heals wounds. In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Your acts of kindness have the power to create ripples of positivity, touching hearts and inspiring change. Embrace the beauty of compassion, for in each kind gesture, you not only light up someone else's world but also illuminate the path towards a more harmonious and connected humanity. Let kindness be the guiding force that leaves a lasting legacy of love and understanding.


Compassion is the purest essence of humanity, a force that binds us together in understanding and love. In a world that can sometimes seem divided, your capacity for compassion is a beacon of light that can bridge gaps, heal wounds, and bring about positive transformation.

In Memory of Dr. Rob Sevens


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you matter

In Memory of Dr. Rob Stevens who died by suicide ;

The Doc Rob Fund is a compassionate and dedicated organization committed to eliminating the stigma surrounding suicide. Our primary mission is to foster an open and supportive dialogue about mental health, promote understanding, and provide resources to empower individuals and communities.


Building strong community partnerships is crucial for DOC ROB which is focused on promoting mental health awareness and removing the stigma associated with suicide. These partnerships enhance our organization's reach, impact, and effectiveness.

Support the DOC ROB fund

To learn how you can support mental health and wellness through the DOC ROB Fund contact the Muskoka Community Foundation at
705-646-1220 or